• Maggie McReynolds

The Care and Feeding of Authors

Writers often eat weirdly. Salty snacks by the bagful. Cold takeout for breakfast. Caffeine and more caffeine. Nutrition can fall by the wayside in favor of fast, convenient, and whatever won't get the keyboard too sticky.

But food is not the only nourishment authors need.Our hearts, minds, and souls require feeding, because we are pouring those parts of ourselves into our work. This is why I take UnSettling Authors to storied locations to recharge, take in beauty, get group support, and learn more about both the creative and business aspects of our craft.

Recently, we were in Estes Park at The Stanley, the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write "The Shining." We fed ourselves on camaraderie, mountain vistas, elk calls, ghost stories, homemade brownies, and incredible beauty.

For 2020, I'm planning retreats to Santa Fe, Chicago, California, and, likely, back to The Stanley next fall. UnSettling Author clients will get first dibs and discounts to those events, but I'll also be opening up a few spaces for newcomers who want to hang with us, get a taste of how UnSettling Books works with the opportunity to apply to write a book with us, and have a unique, story-filled adventure.

We'll walk the paths of Georgia O'Keeffe and George R. R. Martin, soak up Richard Branson's person branding genius, take a tour of Chicago's best storytelling stages and blues clubs, visit the hotel that inspired Frank Baum's Emerald City in "The Wizard of Oz," and feed our writer brains and our creative souls.

Feed your visions. Nurture your dreams. Commit to travel and broadened experiences as part of rigorous self-care. You, and your writing, will be richer for it.

Every step and adventure we take outside ourselves becomes a part of our internal vocabulary, mindset, and toolkit. For those of us who are writers, coaches, mentors, and strategists, it is part of our commitment to our own evolution, our broadened outlook, and deepening the way we serve in the world.

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