Un-Settling: Own Your Story

We are storytellers by nature, we humans. It's how we process and make sense of the world around us, connect to others, and share our purpose. If, as Ram Dass says, we're all "just walking each other home," our stories are the conversations we have along the way.




It's when we seize the power of story, and our ability to change the narrative on a dime, that we realize we write ourselves and our lives into being, every moment of every day. So many of us have been trained to settle for something less than our full selves, for less than our whole power. It's thrilling, truly, when we recognize that settling is a choice. One we can reject. 

If you are all done settling, I want to hear from you. You and me, we're gonna go places. You're gonna write a book. You're gonna tell your story on a podcast, in an interview, on a stage. Or maybe you're just going to own your story for yourself, and rewrite what comes next.

Let's have an Un-Settling conversation. Your time is now.


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At one time, not so many years ago, my life kind of sucked.

I was bedridden and had no idea why. My marriage was ending. I'd been laid off from my job. I ended up losing my house and everything in it - my son even had to give up the family dog.

When I moved to Colorado to try to regain my health, I was unable to sit up for the drive. I shared the back of my own car with the two suitcases that contained everything I then owned.

I lived without my son for six very long months. I was so sick, I actually thought I might die.

Today, I live in a beautiful space with mountain views, my dream kitchen, my smart and talented son, and my beloved partner. I can dance, travel, sing, walk my dog, and I've built a writing and book coaching business and community that fill my life with joy, purpose, abundance, and meaning.

My determination to hold a better vision for my future and my refusal to settle for the crappy hand I appeared to have been dealt not only saved me and my son, but propelled us toward all of this goodness. 

You can do this for yourself, too. And I can help.

Un-Settling is a community of entrepreneurs and creatives as well as a writing and book coaching program, Un-Settling Books. It's designed to help you stop settling, step up, and own your truth. With us, you will:

  • own your story - past, present, and future - and write your life and your books into being

  • take yourself and your business to the next level with a book that sends your message out to the people who most need to hear it

  • create magic memories and turn purpose and passion into profits 

So come on in. The river of abundance is flowing, and the water is very fine.


“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.”
Thomas Merton


"I’ve grown so much through this process, and it has been the best thing I’ve done in my life and the thing that I am most proud of so far. Thank you for guiding me through the process and helping me become a better writer - but better yet, an inspiring storyteller." 


"As a result of this work, I’m on my way to greatness. I’m not afraid to chase some dreams. I’m not afraid to put some things aside. I have surely stopped doing things just because I’m 'supposed to.'"


"Taking this journey with others committed to doing the same and with Maggie, a wise coach with a magic bag of meaningful tools, made it possible for me to truly exhale and start finding and believing in me again...naked of the overwhelming to-do list, more vulnerable than I thought possible, yet stronger and more fulfilled than ever."








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"I got so much more than I was expecting. I got a tribe of women who I know will support me through anything. I also got laughter and love and connection and HOPE. I am forever changed, and forever grateful."
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